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Conjoint analysis methodology

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Conjoint analysis methodology

Dear all,
I need your help regarding a conjoint analysis study.

On the one hand, we have a conjoint analysis to obtain future market shares (for a variable product profile D); On the other hand, we have a basic question relative to the current market.

Current market:
We ask to the consumers to state how many body cream tubes they bought last month.
Per respondent, we have a number for cream A, cream B, cream C.

Future market:
We have designed a conjoint with a new body cream profile D (using the %mktex SAS macro in order to create the design).

We have shown the profile for creams A,B,C (which is a Fixed profile) and we also presented on the same page the profile for cream D (which is a Variable profile).
We asked the consumers how many cream tubes they would buy in the next month. We therefore obtain a number for cream A,B,C and D (by cream D profile).

The objective is to obtain a preference share for the current market and the future market.

The normal conjoint does the "regression" between cream D and its variable attributes.

First question : Is it relevant to do the regression for cream A by the attributes of cream D?
If not how can obtain the preference shares for product A,B,C?

Second question : How we can incorporate the data of the current market in the forecast (that was asked in a separate question from the conjoint)?

Third request : Does anyone have a similar example including a dataset and the results of the conjoint analysis.

Thanks very much for your help,

Kind Regards,

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