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Comparison without a reference variable in proc surveylogistic

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Comparison without a reference variable in proc surveylogistic

Does anyone know if there is a way to perform a logistical regression but not have the results use a reference variable to determine the results. For example I am modeling the likelihood of requiring an intervention in patients with a disease and I want to control for race gender and location:


proc surveylogistic data=kid.prs03;
class race female hosp_division / param=ref;
model intervention (event='1') = race female hosp_division ;
weight discwt;
title 'Likelihood of Bronch by insurance ctrl for gender, location';
where age < 19 and disease=1;


The results are given as such:

RACE Asian vs White RACE Black vs White RACE Hispanic vs White

But instead of getting a result for one race compared to another (rate of intervention in african-americans = 1.911 (1.545-2.362) compared to caucasians) I am hoping to get results that compare a race to all other races (instead of a reference race). That way, my results would be, 'compared to other races, African-Americans are more likely to undergo the intervention with an OR of ***'.


Anyone know how to do this?

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