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Compare two geocoded datasets

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Compare two geocoded datasets

I have 2 sets of data that are geocoded for the SAREA "small area", The datasets are period 1 (2003-2007) and period 2 (2008 to 2012).
The two sets are geocoded in a different way. I'm trying to concatenate both sets and see if there's a difference in death rates between the two periods in small areas due to difference in geocoding. So far I've calculated percentage of geocoded data in each county (not small areas), and performed ANOVA tests with "period" and "sarea" as independent variables and "cause of death" as dependent variable (couldn't do the interaction terms due to 0 degrees of freedom for errors). Attached is a small segment from the results done so far.
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Re: Compare two geocoded datasets

It would help to show at least a description of your data and the code you used to see exactly which approach you are using for the output if you want help in interpretation or determining if the model is appropriate for the data.


Note that there could be differences due to time and not just the geocoding when detected and I would be cautious with low incident occurence variables.

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