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Coding multi stage sample using proc surveymeans

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Coding multi stage sample using proc surveymeans

I am conducting an analysis from a survey that used the following sampling frame:

It is a 2 stage sample where the first phase was done with 3 strata and 1 cluster with a varying inclusion probability (which I think would be a sampling rate) and the second phase was done with 1 strata (different from the other 3) and a different inclusion probability. How would I code this to create correct standard errors when creating means? I am really trying to figure out how to account for the 2 different probabilities for each stage in the rate=sampling_rate  statement. How would I set up that dataset? Or if I am completely wrong, please lead in a better direction!


I have this so far:

proc surveymeans data=rhs_food rate=sampling_rate;

title1 'Strata and Cluster specified';

title2 'Complex Sample';

strata region_num sub_region_num comm_size_num age_gender_group;

cluster residence_merge;

weight weight_final;

var food_secure;



Thank-you so much for any help!


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Re: Coding multi stage sample using proc surveymeans

This usage note should address your question I believe 

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