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Chi-Merge Discretization

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Chi-Merge Discretization

Does anybody have some code to run a Chi-Merge Discretization on a dataset?  

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Chi-Merge Discretization

</soapbox on

     Any time I get asked to convert well behaved continous data into discrete classes/clusters/dichotomies, I begin to wonder--why isn't the more powerful continuous case good enough?  What could be gained by lumping stuff together?  I realize that you can't offer someone 0.82457 of a credit card, and I have been doing linear models with class variables since mammoths roamed, so I'm not totally against dichotomizing a response, or categorizing into classes, but I always wonder.

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Chi-Merge Discretization

Contact me at and i'll send you a program that i wrote. also, you can read my paper "ChiD - A X^2 Discretization Algorithm" that I presented at WUSS 2011. Here's the link: 

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