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Case:Control Matching with Conditions

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Case:Control Matching with Conditions

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Hello SAS World,


I'm trying to find a best matching technique, I found the following SAS Macro (Reducing Bias in a Propensity Score Matched-Pair Sample Using Greedy Matching Techniques) to help me do greedy matching. The Macro helps me to do basic matching but I can't specify certain conditions.


I want the case and control to matched based on the variables "Gender", "Age", "CCI Score" & "Cost". I want to tell SAS match based on the criterias in following order.


  1. First, match same gender.
  2. Second, not to consider any control for a case if the "Cost" difference between case and potential control is more than +/- 20%
  3. Third, of the controls within +/- 20% use the closest propensity score to create a match.

Thanks a ton in advance!


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