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Calculate Z Score

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Calculate Z Score



I have a 10,000 records data set. Using z-score I need to select and flag the records as follows:


1. Top 15% high $$ customers (z-score of the dollar_amt variable greater than +1)

2. Bottom 15% low $$ customers (z-score of the dollar_amt variable less than -1).


I need to know if there is a way to do this in SAS and how.




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Re: Calculate Z Score

Yes, Proc stdize will create Z scores or you can manually calculate this via a data step or proc SQL step. 

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Re: Calculate Z Score

Hi Reeza,


Below is the code I am using


proc standard data=sample mean=0 std=1 out=sample_out;

var amount transaction;



Would this give me the top 15% customer if I put the condition "amount>1" and bottom 15% if I put "amount<-1". This is the score calculated from the above step for amount. I see some conditions are not fulfilled and I get 0 observations. For example if I put transaction<-1



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