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Calcuating actual and relative risks from GLIMMIX

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Calcuating actual and relative risks from GLIMMIX

Using a poisson distribution in GLIMMIX it produces the intercept and covariate estimates.

In the example in the manual under GLIMMIX 'Getting Started' manual, the actual risks are worked out but the calculations ignore the signs of the results:

i.e. the intercept is -0.8071 and the estimate for A is -0.4896 and B is 0

The calculation they quote for actual risk is 1/{1+exp(0.8071+0.4896)} = 0.2147

However, shouldnt it be 1/{1+exp(-0.8071-0.4896)} = 0.7852??

Two very different numbers. Also, when calculating relative risk Should i ignore or include the sign, so exp0.8071 or exp-0.8071??

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