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Bootstrapped Sample Frequencies

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Bootstrapped Sample Frequencies

I'm a new user to SAS and am attempting to teach myself at the same time I'm under some pressure to produce some results. As such, I'd appreciate help with the following procedure.

I would like to bootstrap sample a dataset x number of times using some strata variables I need to maintain the portions of (simulating quotas). I would like the results of this sampling to be output into a single dataset, with the results of each iteration in a different data column. This output could be as few as two variables from the original dataset.

Alternatively, I would not need this output if it would be possible to, following the sampling procedure, summarize the mean frequency and variance for each value of a categorical variable.

I appreciate any guidance you can provide.
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Re: Bootstrapped Sample Frequencies

Sorry, I cannot give you any encouragement. This is a tall order for people who are experienced programmers.

You would probably need a macro to iterate over the different bootstrap samples, compute the desired statistics, and store the results. Then you would have to summarize the results.

There are examples on the web, for instance I don't know if that helps or not, as I said you need to be a relatively experienced programmer to make this work. Message was edited by: Paige
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Re: Bootstrapped Sample Frequencies

Hello Vlange,

SAS has a bootstrap macro:

However, I agree it is not so simple to use it.

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Re: Bootstrapped Sample Frequencies

Look up a paper Don't be Loopy on this site it has a lot of helpful hints.
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