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Best Fit Logistic Regression Model

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Best Fit Logistic Regression Model

Hello all!


I need to fit a logistic regression model and am wondering which model-seletion method would be best. I have been advised to stay away from forward/backward/stepwise regression. All-possible-regression seems attractive, but I must admit I'm a little lost on AIC/BIC/Cp/etc and exactly how I would go about picking the best model...


I have a binary response variable, a categorical predictor, 10 categorical covariates, and 2 continuous covariates.


Thank you in advance!

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Re: Best Fit Logistic Regression Model

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Search Model Selection Method on here...this topic comes up frequently, and there is no 'CORRECT' answer, but some answers are more valid than others Smiley Wink

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Re: Best Fit Logistic Regression Model

Unfortunately I've been all over the boards and haven't found anything useful. I've also read several papers - I just can't seem to locate the syntax for an all-possible. In addition, I was hoping someone could break it down for me in less technical language so I could really understand AIC/Cp/etc...

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Re: Best Fit Logistic Regression Model

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Hi @chelsealutz



After finding the potential factor/variable  for inclusion in the model using any of:

- selection = stepwise slentry = 0.15 slstay = 0.15;

- selection = forward  slentry =0.15

- selection = backward slstay = 0.15

- selection = score ,

for both quantitative and categorical variables and interaction term - you can compare models based on following criteria: 


  • -2LogL
  • The value itself is not important. It is used to compare two nested models, model with smaller -2LogL is better. Difference in -2LogL between two nested models is approximately distributed as Chi-square.
  • AIC (Akaike Information Criterion)
  • AIC is used to compare non-nested models on the same sample. AIC value itself is not meaningful but the model with the smallest AIC is considered the best.
  • SC (Schwarz Criterion)
  • Model with smallest SC is most desirable but the value itself is not meaningful. Like AIC, it is appropriate for non-nested models.
  • ROC Area
    • The area under the ROC curve is a measure of the model’s ability to discriminate between event and non-event:
  • Large values are desirable (predictive accuracy for (event, non-event) pairs).
    • ROC = 0.5: no discrimination (no better than coin toss)
    • 0.7 <= ROC < 0.8: acceptable discrimination
    • 0.8 <= ROC < 0.9: excellent discrimination
    • ROC > 0.9: outstanding discrimination
  • Brier’s Score
  • Small values are desirable. 




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Re: Best Fit Logistic Regression Model

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I think stepwise selection has better chance to give the model with the best fit (compared to forward / backward) . This is because this method can both go forward and backward until the model can not end up with a better fit. Backward selection goes only backward and forward go only forward.
Btw, there is also the LASSO method, which can be as good as stepwise selection.
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Re: Best Fit Logistic Regression Model

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You gotta know  forward/backward/stepwise regression all these are doing unconditional logistic regression.

After getting the most influent variables , to get Best Fit , you'd better try Exact logistic regression or Conditional  logistic regression or Penalty  logistic regression(add FIRTH option into ( MODEL statement ) .

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