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Article from Marx and WW Stroup (1993)

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Article from Marx and WW Stroup (1993)

Dear All,

I am in need of the article presented in 1993 by D Marx and Stroup as titled below.

Analysis of spatial variability using PROC MIXED (1993)

  by D Marx, W W Stroup

Venue:In Kansas State University Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture

I am very much eager to read the paper. Kindly send to my email address

Thank you.

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Re: Article from Marx and WW Stroup (1993)


  It looks like one of the paper authors published a paper in 2011, in which he gives an email address for contact information (at the end of the paper):

  Perhaps you could contact the author directly to see whether he has an electronic copy of the '93 paper.


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Re: Article from Marx and WW Stroup (1993)

I agree with Cynthia@SAS:  Both David Marx and Walter W. Stroup are at the Department of Statistics in the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and have contact e-mail addresses. Chapter 11 of the second edition of SAS for Mixed Models, one of whose authors is Walter W. Stroup, is devoted to spatial variability; this chapter is probably much more up to date than the 1993 paper. Another possibility is contacting the library at Kansas State to see if they have the proceedings from the conference on applied agricultural statistics where this paper was presented.

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