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Area Under Logistic Growth Curve or Between Curves

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Area Under Logistic Growth Curve or Between Curves

I'm currently analyzing associative learning data using logistic growth curve analysis. It's been very helpful.

However, now I'm interested in determining the area between two of these logistic growth curves (part of a discrimination task). Anyone know what kind of code I can use to accomplish this.

For more experimental detail:

Have 2 different groups and want to determine if 1 group is able to discriminate between two stimuli more effectively than another group via an associative learning task.

One stimuli is rewarded, the other is non-rewarded. Each individual is presented with the stimuli in a psuedo-random order over a series of trials. Learning curves are then created for both the rewarded and unrewarded stimuli. I would then like to determine the area between these curves for both group 1 and group 2 and determine if that area is significantly different. A larger area between the two curves would indicate a higher level of discrimination.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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