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AIC and BIC in Nonlinear regression

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AIC and BIC in Nonlinear regression

Dear experts, I have a question which is important to me,


I have studied on forest growth modeling based on some nonlinear regression models and nonlnear mixed effect models,


I have developed many nonlinear regression models and nonlinear mixed effect models predicting some tree and forest attributes.


I have used MODEL procedure for developing nonlinear models and NLMIXED procedure for predicting nonlinear mixed effect models.


I have two problems in perfoming these procedures in SAS:


first problem: I can not obtain the AIC and BIC vales for the nonlinear models when I used MODEL procedure in SAS, however SAS present a solution for AIC and BIC etc when I used REG procedure by adding a code "  selection=rsquare mse cp aic bic ",

****is there any SAS code for calculating AIC and BIC when used MODEL procedure for obtaing nonlinear models?????


second problem: When I used NLMIXED procedure for obtaing nonlinear mixed effect models, I can not SSE (sum of squares errors) which is important to me for calculating some model criteria,


***** is there any SAS code for obtaing SSE in NLMIXED procedure 


very much thanks and answers,


best regrads




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