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Scorecard using SAS studio/ Base SAS

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Scorecard using SAS studio/ Base SAS



I want to know how I can use SAS studio to build Scorecards? I have recently done a course in SAS; Credit risk modelling and analysis. Please also help me understand what books or materials I can use to help me understand how to build scorecards if I have to use Base SAS.


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Re: Scorecard using SAS studio/ Base SAS

What do you mean by scorecards? Just want to make sure we understand your question. 


You'll probably find examples here if it's what I'm thinking

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Re: Scorecard using SAS studio/ Base SAS

You can definitely use Base SAS / SAS Studio to build data sets  prepared for scorecard applications. But perhaps those are not the ideal choice, especially if you want to build an interactive scorecard application. As I understand there's a pretty decent scorecard report builder within Visual Analytics.

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Re: Scorecard using SAS studio/ Base SAS

As I understand it building a scorecard requires advanced statistical techniques that go beyond what is available in Base SAS. If you have SAS/STAT then it is definitely doable. Running the resulting scorecard (actually doing the scoring) can definitely be done in a Base SAS DATA step.

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Re: Scorecard using SAS studio/ Base SAS

While you could certainly build a credit scoring application in software like SAS Studio, you might want to look at the SAS Credit Scoring solution, which provides a way to quickly develop scorecards


For more information, see


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