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SAS RMfB Default Currency

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SAS RMfB Default Currency

Hello everybody,


I have a problem with SAS RMfB 3.3 User Interface I´d like someone help. When I run the analysis my results come back in the default currency (EUR) but i need them to be in mexican pesos (MXN). I've already tried declaring Risk Dimension projects with this option: NUMERAIRE | CURRENCY = MXN, but it hasn't worked.


In the configuration file in the static folder called base_option  I've been changing the default ISO code of the domestic national currency from "EUR" to "MXN", nevertheless  the currency did not change in the result analysis tables.


Does someone know how to configure this issue?


Thank you for your attention and help.




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Re: SAS RMfB Default Currency

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I am not 100% sure but you can try it.

Go to SAS Management Console, under Applications you should find RMfB. Try to open the properties and see if there is any property on Currency. If it exists try to update it in SAS Management console. 

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Re: SAS RMfB Default Currency

I already tried your suggestion but there is no currency configuration option anywhere in SAS Management Console, I checked the following folders:


Plug-ins / SAS Management Console / Application Management / Configuration Manager / Risk Mgmt Banking Cfg 3.3 / Properties

Folders / SAS Folders / System / Applications / SAS Risk Managenet for Banking  / Properties on every folder 

Folders / SAS Folders / System / Applications / SAS Risk Managenet Banking Mid / Properties on every folder 







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