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New Configuration Set SAS RMfB

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New Configuration Set SAS RMfB

Hello everybody,


I have a problem with SAS Risk Management for Banking, I´m trying to create a new Configuration_Set, RMfB has two Configuration_Set_ID´s by default: RMB_SAMPLE and RMB_SAMPLE2. I´d like to add a non-based RMB_SAMPLE configuration.


Does someone know how I could achieve my goal?



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Re: New Configuration Set SAS RMfB

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Configuration set is added through UI of RMfB. You should refer to SAS Risk Management for Banking user guide, it will guide you step by step to add new configuration.


Still if you are not able to achieve, you should raise ticket to SAS Technical support.

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Re: New Configuration Set SAS RMfB

Thanks for your answer RahulG, I have checked SAS RMfB Administrator's Guide, but it only mentions how to create an entity through metadata and how to associate an entity with a configuration_set_id. Of course, I know a private playpen generates a new configuration_set_id and it can be promoted for being available to create a shared datamart. However, I need to add a default Configuration_Set, similar to RMB_SAMPLE.


I tried the next:


1. Add a Configuration_Set_ID in static.config_set

2. Regenerate the solution data mart where %_rmb_replicate_config_sets fills mapping and static tables with this new Configuration_Set_ID, except these static tables:





3. Add records on these tables with the corresponding Configuration_Set_ID

4. Regenerate the entity datamart


The new Configuration_Set_ID appears in RMfB UI, but it doesn´t allow to create a shared playpen and a private playpen is created with error.


Does someone know how to add a default Configuration_Set?



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Re: New Configuration Set SAS RMfB

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I don't know if you still need help, but if you do please contact Technical Support:



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