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Feedback requested on risk documentation

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Feedback requested on risk documentation

We're interested in your feedback on the user's guides, procedures guides, administrator's guides, and other manuals that we provide to support SAS risk solutions.  Specifically, we'd like to know:

  • Can you quickly find the information you need to do your work?  Is there something we can do to make information more readily accessible?
  • Are the examples helpful?  Is there an example or use case not there that you'd like to see?
  • Are the technical details that we provide clear and complete?

We look forward to your feedback.

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Re: Feedback requested on risk documentation

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I have been using the guides for Risk Dimensions (RD) and High Performance Risk in PDF format.


I like the examples and use cases they are good to get an understanding of the code, but more is better, so I would like more examples. 

I had a hard time understanding how to use the risk factor transformation method in RD and how to get it to work. I felt like I had to guess some of the syntax requirements and I think a better explained example would have helped.


In general, I think the guides can be improved a lot by going away from a book format and into an HTML link based one or something similar. Where it could be possible to link between pages, topics, requirements and make code examples use the same functional code.


Hope you can use the feedback.



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Re: Feedback requested on risk documentation

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Thanks for this feedback Steen!

SAS Risk Dimensions examples are available online here:

There are three examples to get started with the product and nine that explore more advanced features. Each posted example provides a link to a zip file that contains source code to run it.

There's also an example for using SAS High-Performance Risk available here:

As with the SAS Risk Dimensions examples, there's a link to a zip file that contains source code.

Beginning with SAS Risk Dimensions 6.7 and SAS High-Performance Risk 3.7, product documentation is available through an online Help Center. You can access the entire set of documents in HTML format. Providing the documentation in this format has enabled us to provide more extensive cross-references between topics and documents. A button in the top banner of the Help Center enables you to produce PDFs as you want.

Thanks for your suggestion to provide an example specific to risk factor transformations. I'll explore creating one with the development team.


Michael Harvey

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