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Cashflow Data Set In MIP 2.4

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Cashflow Data Set In MIP 2.4

Hello everyone,


In MIP 2.3 we could show the Cashflow data set, however, In MIP 2.4, I could not find the Cashflow data  selection, how can we select and where should we put the Cashflow data set in MIP 2.4?


Any suggestion,



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Re: Cashflow Data Set In MIP 2.4

Hi @turcay,


In MIP 2.4, we introduced the concept of Risk Data Objects.  A risk data object is an object that you map to a SAS data set or data view when you configure an analysis run.  In your model groups, you can define the following types of risk data objects: cash flow, parameter matrix, and value data.


To add a cash flow data set to an analysis run, complete the following steps :

  1. On the Risk Data Objects tab (risk_object.tif.generated.png) in your model group, define a new cash flow object.
  2. In your user-defined logic, use the READ_SCENARIO_CF CALL routine to call the cash flow object.
  3. Add this model group to the model group map that you plan to include in your analysis run.
  4. Create a scenario run or an economic simulation run. 
  5. When prompted in the run wizard, select the cash flow data set that you want to map to the cash flow object.  The cash flow data set must be stored in the work-group-directory/input/risk_data/cash_flows directory.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.





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