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Omnichannel Analytics Customer Data Strategy webinar - May 4
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Thought you all might be interested in learning about this upcoming webinar being held on May 4th at 2pm ET. 


Omnichannel Analytics Customer Data Strategy

This webinar will provide an overview of proven methodology for building a data strategy that allows the realization of a true 360-degree view of customers.


About the webinar:

Having a consistent, integrated, accurate view of customers is central to enabling omnichannel analytics. To achieve this, you must overcome a number of challenges, including the absence of a common customer definition, data quality problems, lack of remediation processes for data conflicts, and data security.


A solid customer data strategy is foundational to solve these challenges. It addresses the problem of not having a common customer definition along with issues in data quality, sourcing, integration, provisioning and monitoring.


What you'll learn:


  • Proven methodology for building your data strategy.
  • How to realize a true 360-degree view of customers.
  • Ways to gain insights to achieve business objectives.

Register here