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New Memeber Locking Feature - need feedback

Hello Fellow Planners and Planning Enthusiaist!  I am Kerri Devine the Senior Product Manager for SAS Merchandise Planning.  We are working on bringing a new feature to you and would like an opportunity to hear your thoughts and feedback on how it should work. 


The new feature is called member locking and will give you the ability to lock all KPIs for a member to ensure the member value do not change during spreading. Locks will saved and remain in place until the you unlock the member. 


This feature will make planning easier when you have planned certain clusters/stores/classes/styles that must be locked down and remain unchanged while you make other high-level changes to your plan. 


If you would like to be part of the discussion on some of the finer details on how this feature will work.  Please email and become part of the discussion.


Best Regards,
Kerri Devine