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How to join the SRUG Community

Joining the group is free, easy and quick! Here are the steps to get started: 



These first two steps are for those who are new to SAS Support Communities.


1. Log in to SAS Support Communities with your profile.  If you've registered for a SAS event, opened a SAS Tech Support ticket, downloaded a whitepaper --- you probably already have a profile.


2. Create a user name on the community.  The first time you visit while logged in, you'll be asked to complete this step.  This is your alias that your peers will see on the site.  It does not need to be your real or full name, but if your goal is to network with your peers, it's a good idea to not be too coy.  We're all friends here!


While you're at it, why not round out your profile with some personal details that help us to get to know you?


After you've become a communities member:

3. Visit this group page and click Join Group.  It's that easy.  No approvals, no waiting.



See - it's quick and easy to do!