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add benchmark to sgpanel

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add benchmark to sgpanel

I'm trying to add benchmark to a sgpanel chart. The chart is simple, it's just CTR, CTO and COR percentages and I would like to have it as horizontal bars. This is the code for the chart without benchmark:

proc sgpanel data=final(where=(user_name='xxx' and (event in('COR', 'CTR', 'CTO'))))  noautolegend;
   panelby sys_code / sort=(DESCFORMAT) novarname colheaderpos=top; 
  hbar event / response= percentage group=sys_code datalabel legendlabel = 'Percentage' fillattrs=(color = orange);

So nothing fancy. However, I thought about just adding another line with hbar event / response = benchmark... but SAS puts it on the top of my first data series. How do I control the placement of the second (benchmark) series?

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Re: add benchmark to sgpanel

Please provide test data and maybe 2 graphs, one with the result obtained and one with a line drawn by hand showing what you want.

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