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How to write a code for this

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How to write a code for this

to maximize the profit check the products providing profit more than 40% of sale amount and increase the quantity of those products to 15 . Also check by what amount do you need to increase the quantity by considering inf_globalsales dataset

data sasclass.inf_globalsales;
infile "/folders/myfolders/dataset.csv/"
dlm="," dsd firstobs=2;
input Order_ID : $30. Order_Date : ddmmyy10. Ship_Date : ddmmyy10. Customer_ID : $20. Segment : $20.
City : $20. State : $20. Country : $20. Category : $20. Sales : dollar20.2
Quantity Discount Profit : dollar20.2;
format Order_Date ddmmyy10. Ship_Date ddmmyy10. Sales : dollar20.2 Profit : dollar20.2;
proc print data=sasclass.inf_globalsales(obs=20);

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Re: How to write a code for this

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First step before writing any code:

1. Define the problem(s) to be solved (=requirement)

2. Analyze the data you've got (have)

3. Define the result you need (want)

4. Define the logic you need to implement to get from your "have" to your "want" (gap)


....and now you're at the point where you can start to think about how to solve this technically and if you don't know "how to" are in a position to ask targeted questions in this forum.

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