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How to round the results of proc factor?

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How to round the results of proc factor?

I know that proc factor has ROUND and FLAG options to control the printouts. But I don't like the results because it simply multiplies all the values by the value of FLAG and it affects only Factor Pattern tables. What if I need to round the all the results to 4 decimals, and how can I do this? For example, here is my sample code:


proc factor rotate=varimax data=sashelp.citiwk; /*round FLAG=100;*/
     var FCPOIL FF142B HFBI20 MF3505;


Abbreviated output:

The FACTOR Procedure

Initial Factor Method: Principal Components

Prior Communality Estimates: ONE

Eigenvalues of the Correlation Matrix: Total = 4 Average = 1

Eigenvalue Difference Proportion Cumulative 1 2 3 4

0.13049408 0.03261.0000



Thank you in advance!

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Re: How to round the results of proc factor?

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Requires some work to discover what to change, but you can always modify the templates that the proc uses. @Cynthia_sas published a nice paper that describes how to go about doing just that (see: )



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Re: How to round the results of proc factor?

Thank you for the link. I'll study it since I'm not very familiar with the subject.
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