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DATETIME format help

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DATETIME format help

How to Query date which is in format datetime20. (table1) in the proc sql case statement (Joined two tables)

case when test.log = "01MAY2015"d  then '201505'


Table 1 date format is datetime20.

Table 2 date format is yymmmdd10.

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Re: DATETIME format help

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Rather than if/then consider using an approriate format instead. Look at DATEPART to create a DATE variable from a DATETIME variable
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Re: DATETIME format help

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The date formats are only relevant in presentation of your data. But they do tell you what the numbers mean (seconds since 01JAN1960:00:00:00 or days since 01JAN1960. Internally they are stored as a number. But they are the same values no matter what date or datetime format is associated. As a consequence a date can always be queried using a date literal like '02NOV2017'd or a datetime like ' 02JAN2017:00:00:00'dt. If you want to compare a datetime to a date use the datepart() function: WHERE datepart(dtvar)='02NOV2017'd.  In a join that could be WHERE datepart(dtvar)=datevar.


Hope this helps,

- Jan.

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