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Welcome SAS Professionals!
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Dear SAS Professional:

9-11-2017 12-46-53.pngSome of my favorite (or should I say “favourite”?) experiences include my visits to SAS UK, especially to the SAS Professionals Convention (now since evolved into SAS Forum UK and SAS Forum Ireland).  During these visits I’ve met some of the smartest, most enthusiastic SAS users that one can hope to encounter – and I’ve come away richer for the experience.   (See my included bhangra dancing photo as proof.)



Years ago, perhaps like you, I established a profile on the SAS Professionals UK network.  I wanted to stay in touch with the people I’ve met and to make myself available as a SAS resource when needed.  I’ve since reconnected with many of you here on SAS Support Communities.  I’m very glad for that, since this is where I spend most of my time.  (Yes, technically it’s my job – but it’s fun too.)


I’d like to welcome you to the new SASProfs corner of the SAS Support Communities.  I hope that you make yourself at home here and that you’re able to appreciate the amount and quality of the SAS knowledge and enthusiasm that pours in from around the globe.  If you’re new here, I suggest that you take tour around and find the topics that interest you.   You can subscribe to boards or simply use the Search feature to find topics that you care about.  The Find a Community navigation bar at the top of the window will show you what’s available. 


Leave a comment or send me a message to say Hello -- I hope to see you here or even at a live event (IRL!) soon.


Chris Hemedinger

Manager of SAS Online Communities