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Some questions about the new SASPROFS platform...

I was one of the early members of, and am a little sad at its passing, but excited about this new platform. Not suprisingly I have a number of questions:

  • Will this platform permit members to create their own groups? On the old SASPROFS site I created the SG group for discussions about ODS Graphics, and the EG group for discussions about Enterprise Guide.
  • I'd also be interested in somewhere to post links to user and SAS staff maintained SAS-related blogs, such as my own [Holland Numerics: Blog and Forums] and the SASDummy from SAS Institute.




Philip R Holland
Holland Numerics: Blog and Forums
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Re: Some questions about the new SASPROFS platform...
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Hi Phil,


I hope you are keeping well and thanks for your messaage


Yes, it will be sad to see this platform go, as it has been the backbone for supporting SAS learners over the years, but SAS made a key decision to take this in house, and migrate the site to SAS Global Communities. Although SAS Profs was a SAS Community, it sat outside the SAS global network, residing on a site called Ning. With more focus on data security, it came up as a high risk in an audit by SAS Global IT, so we have been planning to migrate to the new communities platform, so it now sits within SAS. I hope, as one of our SAS gurus, you will still be heavily involved in discussions, blogs, posts etc. I’m sure you will, and I would welcome and support your contributions.


I will follow up on your question about creating new groups, links to blogs etc and get back you soon.


Best regards




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Re: Some questions about the new SASPROFS platform...
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Hi @hollandnumerics,


Thanks for your message, unfortunately this platform does not give users the ability to create their own groups but active groups for ODS Graphics and SAS Enterprise Guide  already exist and are probably the best place to post discussions and provide answers.  One incentive of having as part of the Global community is so that members have access to global knowledge so we will be encouraging members to post any technical questions/discussions in the existing active groups. SASProfessionals UK & I will be used to aid customers to unite and collaborate with UK & I colleagues and for specific UK events and discussions.


As for your own articles, we could love to see them in the SAS Communities Library and you are welcome to add links to your own blog in any message you post, as part of your signature. If you weren't already aware, you can add this via your SAS profile.  We simply ask that any articles you post be useful on its own (not simply a teaser for content that lives elsewhere) – and that any readers who comment are engaged with.


Please let me know if I can help with anything else, and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts!