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For process flows with Auto arrange turned on, the default arrangement is vertical. There should be an option to allow a horizontal arrangement of process steps. For process steps that create many data sets, the vertical alignment causes excessive scrolling. If steps are arranged horizontally then one can view many process steps on a single screen without scrolling regardless of the number of generated data sets.


Please see the post below where I describe a workaround for this issue with screenshots.


Navigating SAS EG process flow map that is too large to scroll through - SAS Support Communities


It seems that allowing a horizontal auto arrange option will alleviate this problem. 


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Not really sure I understand why scrolling horizontal is good but scrolling vertical is bad.

Pyrite | Level 9

It really helps to read the linked post as suggested.

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My first thought with the example process flows was about whether creating all those additional sets was even necessary.


I'm not sure an 'across' as really describes what your pictures show as it is combination of across and vertical so the basic suggestion may need some fleshing out in this thread instead of expecting people to infer what is intended by the response in that linked post.

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Status changed to: Suggestion Closed

The post Navigating SAS EG process flow map that is too large to scroll through - SAS Support Communities describes an approach to workaround this.

Thank you for your product suggestion for SAS Enterprise Guide. We are looking at enabling the integration of SAS Enterprise Guide with SAS Viya 4. We don't have any plans for adding any other new features in the foreseeable future.