SAS Release Event: Revision 20w47
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Revision 20w47

This release of SAS® Viya® was made available November 2020 and includes the following:

  • SAS® Adaptive Learning and Intelligent Agent System 10.6
  • SAS® Anti-Money Laundering (on SAS® Viya®) 8.2
  • SAS® Assortment Planning 8.24
  • SAS® Common Planning Service 1.7
  • SAS® Customer Due Diligence (on SAS® Viya®) 8.2
  • SAS® Embedded Process for Hadoop V.03.05
  • SAS® Embedded Process for Teradata V.03.04
  • SAS® Event Stream Manager 6.2
  • SAS® Event Stream Processing (SAS® Viya® Enabled) 6.2
  • SAS® Fraud Management 8.1
  • SAS® Health: Cohort Builder 2.1
  • SAS® Health: Data Mapper 2.1
  • SAS® Intelligent Decisioning 5.5
  • JMP® Clinical 8.0
  • SAS® Markdown Optimization (on SAS® Viya®) 8.24
  • SAS® Mobile Investigator 10.6
  • SAS® Model Manager (on SAS® Viya®) 15.3
  • SAS® Optimization 8.5
  • SAS® Real-Time Screening 8.2
  • SAS® Risk Engine (rename of SAS® High-Performance Risk for SAS® Viya®) 8.3
  • SAS® Risk Modeling 8.1
  • SAS® Size Optimization (on SAS® Viya®) 4.2
  • SAS® Visual Analytics (on SAS® Viya®) 8.5.1
  • SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.5
  • SAS® Visual Forecasting 8.5
  • SAS® Visual Investigator 10.7
  • SAS® Visual Statistics (on SAS® Viya®) 8.5
  • SAS® Visual Text Analytics 8.5
  • SAS® Viya® Common Foundation 3.5



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