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About SAS releases and revisions

by Community Manager on ‎07-27-2017 03:08 PM

SAS® products include several releases and revisions that contain new software features and functionality.


A revision refers to the products and releases that are made available to SAS customers on a certain date. An example of a revision is 13w26, which indicates that this revision was made available in the year 2013 during week 26. With this particular revision, SAS Institute introduced SAS 9.4 (TS1M0).


There are many occasions in which you will need to know your SAS release and revision. For example, this information is often required when interacting with Technical Support or Contracts. To determine your release and revision, open your SAS software order email and find the Information for Tech Support Site Number section. A field named Product or Internal Reference contains your revision level, as shown below:




In this example, the revision level is 15w42.


Another way to determine your revision is to navigate to the \SAS Software Depot\install_doc\your order-number\ directory and open the soi.html file, which contains your revision number. For example, if the order number is 12345678, open the soi.html file that resides in drive\SAS Software Depot\install_doc\12345678\. In the soi.html file, your revision number is displayed in a field named Product or Internal Reference, as shown in the example below:




In this example, the revision level is 16w17.


Additional Information

To obtain additional information about SAS products that you have installed, see the following:

  • SAS Note 20390: “The SAS Installation Reporter program creates a report showing which applications, clients, and hot fixes are installed” (Click the Downloads tab and download and run the SAS Install Reporter program.)
  • SAS Note 35968: “Using the ViewRegistry Report and other methods to determine the SAS® 9.2 and later software releases and hot fixes that are installed”
  • The “Understanding Product Release Numbers” section in the SAS® 9.4 Guide to Software Updates

For support levels, see Support Services for Current and Prior Releases of Software.