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After importing an SPSS file via PROC IMPORT, I have been able to view a table in the work library called "_fmtdesc". This table shows the format names, starting and ending values, and the format labels of the imported file.

I find this table extremely useful. Unfortunately it does not always appear in the Work library and I am at a lost as to how to regularly access it. Is anyone familiar with this table that can help?
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Re: work._fmtdesc

I happened to search the SAS.COM site using Google, and found reference to a similar-named file WORK._FMTDESC. This file happens to be generated using PROC FORMAT with the CNTLOUT= keyword. Again, this example appears similar to your post topic/reference point.

So, I would suggest reviewing your SASLOG, looking for where PROC FORMAT is creating WORK._FMTDESC, and there you will find the SAS session location responsible for creating this file.

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