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%window, %display

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%window, %display

I am trying out some sample code to display a window and getting a strange error. I am running SAS 9.1 in EG 4.1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

%macro test ();
%window welcome color=white
#5 @28 'Welcome to SAS.' attr=highlight
#7 @15
"You are executing Release &sysver on &sysday, &sysdate.."
#12 @29 'Press ENTER to continue.';
%display welcome;
%mend TEST;


ERROR: The MACRO windowing environment cannot be initialized due to a XU supervisor failure.
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Re: %window, %display

I do not believe that you can "pop" any kind of interactive window in SAS Enterprise Guide. For example, the PROC REPORT interactive window or the VAR window will not work in EG, although they do work in an interactive Display Manager session. The reason that these methods do not work in an EG session is that EG submits code to the SAS server in "batch" mode -- it doesn't matter whether SAS is on your machine or on a server someplace -- all EG code is submitted in batch mode and there are no interactive windows in batch mode. It is as though you are doing a remote submit to a server. This note explains that you cannot use %WINDOW under these circumstances:

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