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which model to use

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which model to use

Dear All,

I'm confused with the data i have data on mother health and children health all variables are catergorical more than 2 catergories. i need to know which variables are affecting the mothers health. my dependent variable is nutritional_status of mother that variable having 4 categories that is normal , underweight , overweight and obese so which technique i have to use please suggest me.


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Re: which model to use

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You can order your response variable (underwt, normal, overwt, obese).  A reasonable model would be a multinomial logistic model, fit with either PROC GENMOD or PROC LOGISTIC, using a cumulative logistic link.  See the documentation for examples (Ordinal Logistic Regression and Logistic Modeling with Categorical Predictors in the PROC LOGISTIC documentation, Ordinal Model for Multinomial Data in the PROC GENMOD documentation).

Steve Denham

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