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which method to solve

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which method to solve

Hi all. The data is in excel file. your valid comments are welcome. I tried but the output result is missing. So is there any procedure how we achieve this.

thanks in advance

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Re: which method to solve

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  Here are my comments:

1) this looks like a homework assignment

2) what code have you tried -- you say that "you tried but the output result is missing" So what did you try.

3) do you want an output report or do you want a dataset

4) you ask if there is any procedure to achieve what you want, but since it is not clear what you want, that is a hard question to answer. If you use PROC SQL, you will have to find the week number where the amount is GE 20000 and then remerge that weeknumber back with all the rows grouped by that person. So if you are going to have to do a remerge, then you could do this with a DATA step program or with a hash table.

5) if you had shown the code you tried, we would have had some idea of whether you are at a level for SQL vs DATA step vs HASH table, but in the absence of what you've tried, then it is nearly impossible to make constructive suggestion.

6) putting your data into a PDF file doesn't really help anyone -- it is more helpful if you do have sample data to post a program that makes your test data and then shows us what code you've tried with the test data. As it stands now, people either have to exporrt from the PDF file and strip out the output column and write one program to read the data and THEN write another program to try to help you.


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