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vista x64 memory overload

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vista x64 memory overload

Hi. I am running sas 9.2 ts1 on vista ultimate x64 with 8gb of ram and 20gb virtual memory allocated. One of my datasets is >9gb. Every time I try to run a procedure (i've tried data step and sort), the memory usage shown on the windows task manager spikes up rapidly to use up all available system memory following which the machine freezes forcing me into a hard reboot. I've tried setting memory allocation as follows:
-realmemsize 2G
-sortsize 2G
-memsize 2G
-maxmemquery max
However, this doesn't help either. The confusing part is that on the task manager i don't see any program consuming too much memory. sas.exe is shown to use only about 80M.
If I cancel the data step, if the memory usage is at 81% at the time, then it stops there while the confirmation window pops up. After I confirm the cancellation, the memory usage drops back.
I never had this issue with SAS 9.1.3 on vista x32. I have tried everything I could think of and searched extensively but haven't found a solution, and my research is stuck because of that. If any one has any insights, it would help immensely.
I've uploaded a screen capture to highlight what's going on:
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Re: vista x64 memory overload

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sounds like a real reason to ask the experts via Customer Support, or the forms at
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