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use of new variables in SAS

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use of new variables in SAS

Hello ,

I have sales data from a laptop manufacturing company and the owner wants me to produce a breakdown of the revenues he get from the sale of two different kinds of the laptops , Acer and Dell , over the two weeks period , 1/11/2009 – 14/11/2009 ,I have 180 observations .The price of the two are fixed and given $1,99.99 and $699.99.

I need to first estimate the sale of both ( I'm given the units sold of each type for all 245 observations ) kind of laptops for the two weeks individually and then obtain the revenue he get over the two week period .

The aim is to decide if there is a significant difference in avearge daily numbre of laptops sold in the two weeks period for both laptops Acer and Dell.

I have the following inputs :

Input TransactionID $1-8
DateofSale $9-18
TimeofSale $19-26
LaptopModel $27-32
UnitsSold 33-35
Warranty 36;

Kind Regards ,
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