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type 1 error in a single table

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type 1 error in a single table


I’m a beginner user at SAS programming. I am trying to make a table based from a three groups comparisons performed on a simulating data set. I am trying to make a 3 group comparison using median test. And I want to make a table that gives computed typre I error rate from the comparison repeat  at 50 times. From the median test p values ​​should be drawn and the type 1 error calculated. How can I get output as a single table.

I will be greatful if you have time to help me.

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Re: type 1 error in a single table

You would likely merge the tables together based on a key or set them together one under the other.  If you follow the guidance on posting a new question - provide test data in the form of a datastep, show your code, and what you want out at the end, then perhaps we could be more specific.

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