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split a log file

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split a log file


How can I split a log file in smaller pieces, when I start my bat program my log file is too large over 1GB.

Thank you for your help.

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Re: split a log file

Are you looking to do this as part of your batch program?

That can be done with PROC PRINTO;

filename file1 "c:\path\file1.log";

filename file2 "c:\path\file2.log";

<as many as you think you need>

add statements such as this to output data to separate files at strategic points in the program.

Proc Printo log=file1;run;

Proc prinnto; run; will return to default log behavior.

I would also look at what you have that is generating so much output such as options like MPRINT, MLOGIC, SYMBOLGEN,  the value for the ERRORS option and statements such as PUT and %PUT that may be writing to the log.

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Re: split a log file

You mean split the LOG file while you are running the bat program. Check its parameter ,special for LOG parameter. But I didn't recall if there is such a function.

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Re: split a log file

Do not generate that much logging in the SAS-log.

- Needing auditing compliance with SIEM there are better ways.
- Wanting a correct error/warning handling etc. design and do your coding/programming accordingly 

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