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searching words in a variable

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searching words in a variable

Hi everyone,

I am wondering how I can do the following:

I have a data set with about 6000 rows of information - each field contains a string (something like this -> This is a sample text string)

I was wondering what I can do to "search" all the rows of information for specific key words and then only keep those in my new smaller data set.

Basically I want to say: if the words "this" "now" "then" appear in the column then keep that row or identify it somehow.

Any sample codes would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: searching words in a variable

Try the find() and index() functions.

There's also the PRX functions if you're interested in learning them.

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Re: searching words in a variable

I tried scan and index - both give me this error:

function call has too many arguments

I have a bunch of keywords I am searching for in my code. Like this:

got_value=SCAN(var_1,"key1","key2" etc.);

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Re: searching words in a variable

I think only PRX functions will allow you to have multiple keywords in a single function.

Scan is used to substr or subset a sentence though, not search through it.

if find(var_1, "word1")>0 or

find(var_1, "word2")>0 then got_value=1;

Is one way, but probably not optimal.

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Re: searching words in a variable

I looked up prx, but cannot get it to work. This sample I modified seems to be what I need, but it is not working:

data _null_;

   if _N_ = 1 then


      retain patternID;

         /* The i option specifies a case insensitive search. */

      pattern = "/Mount|TGH|Joe|Michael|Sunny|Toro|Bay|Brid|Provi/i";

      patternID = prxparse(pattern);


input service_provider $90.;

call prxsubstr(patternID, service_provider, position);

   if position ^= 0 then


      match = substr(service_provider, position);

      put match:$QUOTE. "found in " service_provider:$QUOTE.;


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Re: searching words in a variable

We can try index or find but in huge datasets try not using If condition instead use where for faster application as in the following code;-

proc sql;

create table col_data as

select memname from



data final;

set Col_data;

where index(upcase(memname),upcase("attribute"))>0; run;


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Re: searching words in a variable

You may want the FINDW, find word, function. And you can generally search for only one value at a time.

Also unless you are 100 percent positive that the words are always in the same case you may want to either UPCASE or LOWCASE the searched string and make sure the value searched for is in the same case.

findword1 = (findw(upcase(string), 'WORD')>0);

scan PULLS a word by position in a string.

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Re: searching words in a variable

Try INDEXW function.

So if the list is short you can just type them all out.

if indexw(upcase(string),'WORD1')

or indexw(upcase(string),'WORD2')



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Re: searching words in a variable

PRX to the rescue!

data have;
length string $100;
input string &;
This is a sample text string
That is another string
And then a last string

data want;

/* Search string for :

          a word boundary,

          then the first string or the second string or ... or the last string,

          then a word boundary

  make the search case insensitive

  compile the pattern only once */

set have(where=(prxmatch("/\b(this|now|then)\b/io", string)));


proc print noobs; run;


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