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saving output with SAS/Mplus

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saving output with SAS/Mplus


I understand that this might not be the right place to ask this question but I am not having any luck posting this question anywhere else and cannot figure it out by myself.

I am running Mplus from SAS and cannot make Mplus save the output in the same directory as the input file. any help is greatly appreciated
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Re: saving output with SAS/Mplus

Hi: If you are trying to get MPLUS to SAVE the file, then it seems this is an MPLUS question and not a SAS question.

Perhaps the MPLUS documentation or MPLUS Tech Support will be helpful.

I found these when I performed a Google search: (talks about how the MPLUS working directory is "usually" the same directory as the directory with the INPUT file -- but doesn't say much about how to change the MPLUS working directory)

And there is an MPLUS discussion forum:

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Re: saving output with SAS/Mplus

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Thank you Cynthia,

I new I could count on your help.
It was a SAS issue I had a path in SAS to change directory to C:\

X "cd c:\";

I was trying to fix the Mplus syntax while it was a SAS miscoding.

thank you for helping
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