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Could anybody tell me what is spss.Is it a part of SAS or some other software.I really appreciate if you give me any link to learn SPSS.So many recruiters are asking SPSS.

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Re: sas/spss

SPSS is a computer program used for survey authoring and deployment (IBM SPSS Data Collection), data mining (IBM SPSS Modeler), text analytics, statistical analysis, and collaboration and deployment (batch and automated scoring services).

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Re: sas/spss

SPSS is Statistical Package for the Social Sciences and has been used mostly for statistical analysis in social science fields.

SAS is Statistical Analysis Software and statistical analysis software for many fields.

Both do a lot of the same things, but are different pieces of software from different companies.

SPSS was bought out by IBM a few years back, SAS is a privately owned company.

Here's a good resource to learn SPSS. SPSS will also allow you to download a 30 day free trial to practice on, something I wish SAS did.

Resources to help you learn and use SPSS

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Re: sas/spss

SAS is more powerful than SPSS.

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