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sas programming 1

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sas programming 1

Hello there,

Currently I am taking sas programming 1. Based on the instruction of the training, every time I copy  and  paste the syntax from the class to SAS studio, it doesn't execute any result.

When I looked @ answer key, there are data .

please if some helps me with this problem?



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Re: sas programming 1

Look at the log.

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Re: sas programming 1

As KurtBremser has stated the Log is there to respond to your submitted code any feedback such as errors or warning your code might generate.  If you post a sample of the code and the log for that code then you may get more instructive answers.

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Re: sas programming 1


  The first thing to check is whether you performed both Task 1 and Task 2 in the Course Overview and Setup section to make the data files used in class. If you did that, then when you do the practices in Programming 1 you will need to do more than just copy and paste the code, you will need to run the code. And the first thing you do before you run the code is run the program with your LIBNAME statement. So the general order I recommend is this:

1) Start SAS Studio in the VM or on the Amazon AWS

2) Submit your LIBNAME statement program (in Task 1 of the Course Overview) we recommended that you call this program SETUP.SAS

3) Start your class and go to your practice. Copy and paste code, as instructed into the SAS Studio Editor Window

4) Click the RUN button (looks like a little person running)

5) After the program runs, click on the LOG tab to see any error or success messages in the SAS log.

6) review the Results tab for any results and to make sure that your results match the results in the practice.

If you have errors, go back to the code window, make the appropriate changes and submit the program again (#4-#6 -- until your answer looks the same as the answer in the course).

  But ALL of these steps are dependent on whether you were successful in doing the setup steps at the beginning of the course. In the Course Overview section is a video that shows you how to submit SAS programs using SAS Studio. I have found that video to be very useful to illustrate the code submission process.


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