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request for survey data anlysis

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request for survey data anlysis

Hi all,
Could any one guide me steps for analysing my survey data
I want to find the correlation between two variable using scatterplot
data is like this
satisfied informed
2 3
1 2
6 5
3 4
3 1
2 2
where 1 - very well satisfied/informed
2- well satisfied/informed
and so onn
please correct me if i am wrong
1. find the frequencies of both satisfoed and informed ( how many 1's,2's... in each category using proc freq)
2. need to plot on graph and find the Rsquare value

thanks in advance
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Re: request for survey data anlysis

ods html;
ods graphics on;

title 'Fish Measurement Data';
proc corr data=fish1 nomiss plots=matrix;
var Height Width Length3 Weight3;

ods graphics off;
ods html close;

From Proc Corr doc., ex 1.7

However, this is for continuous data and your data is categorical. Check also proc freq with the measures option
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Re: request for survey data anlysis

tjeller is right.Your data is ordinal categorical data ,better to use proc freq' measure options.
and what is your meaning at the first question?Does say the frequencies of each group of the satisfoed and informed? then use list option.
proc freq data=sashelp.class;
tables sex*name /list;

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Re: request for survey data anlysis

Thanks to you both for your kind response.
reg. forst question , I have 1500 responses just quoted from 1-5 for satisfied and 1-6 for informed.
I mean i need to group them how many 1s,2s.... for satisfied and same for the informed and then plot the graph

please guide me the right way to do
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