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repeated answers- consistency

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repeated answers- consistency

I conducred a sirvey withe repeated ansers : 1 choice of 3 set, 10 set each subject.

I would like to check if ther are there is significent change acoording to tierdeness or other factors. e.g. : is the repaeted annsres of the subject changed along the 1- choices.

I heared about jJamson test but i am not sure if this is the right test or do I need another procedure?

for any pricedure sugested (include jamson or any other), please srnd me the proc.

var are: pl, fl, cs, wt, pe.
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Re: repeated answers- consistency

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You don't provide enough information in your post for a very specific response.

If you have continuous responses, you can do a repeated measures analysis in the context of the general linear models or Mixed models. Depending on the assumptions, you can do different types of analyses. UCLA has a good description

If the outcomes are ordinal or categorical, you might be able to use CATMOD. The sample size needs for CATMOD can get pretty high depending on the question.

Doc Muhlbaier
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