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recreating table w/o losing integrity

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recreating table w/o losing integrity


My code looks like this:

proc sql;
create table loan as
select * from loan left join x_loan
on loan.rkid = x_loan.rkid;

rkid is a primary key and with this code of mine integrity is a problem since i recreated the table loan. Is there a way to recreate a table without the integrity? Or are there any steps i can do to achieve what i intend to do?

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Re: recreating table w/o losing integrity

You may find useful SAS DOC and supplemental technical papers at the SAS Support website -- here is one topic related paper from a SAS conference to consider.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

Integrity Constraints and Audit Trails Working Together
Gary Franklin, SAS Institute Inc., Austin, TX
Art Jensen, SAS Institute Inc., Englewood, CO
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