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re: Restricting Access to Fields

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re: Restricting Access to Fields

Hi.....I am wondering whether it is possible to put restrictions on the access to certain fields (variables) depending on the user who opens the file. I want to be able to give access to certain information ( variables) to certain users by defining which user can have access to certain fields in the database. I am not even sure even if this is possible. Thanks.

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Re: re: Restricting Access to Fields

It's possible but we need to know more about your environment to help. Do you use metadata sever? In what DB/engine  is your data stored?

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Re: re: Restricting Access to Fields

This is possible with external DBMS systems as being a job of the DBA. One common approach with that is the creation of views.

With SAS you could have similar views build with information map studio for restricted programmed users access (Stored processes). The bottom line is that none of them are structural approaches that can become easily a part of some business process.  The approaches with SAS are more cosmetic as fundamental.   

A better approach could be splitting the table according security requirements. and only join the tables (may be a view) when needed. 

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