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"Status Handling" problems. Data Integration Studio 3.4

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"Status Handling" problems. Data Integration Studio 3.4

Hi, I have a problem concerning the “status handling" job property tab on ETL Data Integration Studio.

When I try to add a new entry in this panel (a new condition with a new action) I'm unable to save it: in fact, even if the "ok" and "apply" buttons are enabled, they do not seem to work correctly: as an example, after clicking the "apply" button, it doesn't get disabled and after clicking the "ok" button, the property window does not disappear. So, I'm forced to close the window and I don’t have the possibility to save changes.

Moreover when I click on tools->”configure status handling”, nothing happens.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: "Status Handling" problems. Data Integration Studio 3.4

The folks most likely to use Data Integration Studio are usually in the Web Report Studio forum.

You've posted this in the general SAS Procedures forum and in the Macro forum -- where most folks are using Base SAS features.

If you don't get any help from these forums or the Web Report Studio Forum, you might wish to open a track with SAS Tech Support.

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Re: "Status Handling" problems. Data Integration Studio 3.4


I wanted to add a reference to the status handling chapter in the latest version of the SAS Data Integration Studio User's Guide. This chapter covers the process of setting up status handling conditions and discusses prequisites for the conditions. Here's the link:

I hope that you find this helpful,

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