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proc tabulate

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proc tabulate


in the proc tabulate i read some articles but all deal with getting the N,Pctn mainly etc. for a variable. I wnat to find out the number of units of two differne goods purchased,say X and Y, a sample of the excel file is

product Units_Purchased REVENUE
1 1 699.99
1 2 699.99
1 1 699.99
1 1 699.99
2 2 699.99
2 1 699.99
2 2 699.99

how to find the sum of units purchased and teh revenue breakdown by product type?

kindly suggest

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Re: proc tabulate

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Ah, yes, we were here with you back in Feb 2010 - see thread below:

To MarkC: it would be useful to reveal what you might expect to see as output and possibly even contribute what SAS code you have used/attempted in the past, relative to the current post/query. It would also help forum readers/contributors determine just how much effort you have put into researching a forum post thus far.

For PROC TABULATE and your post, have you looked at using SUM -- which was revealed in at least one of the prior post threads listed above?

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.
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