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proc surveyreg output statement

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proc surveyreg output statement

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I'm getting duplicate records in my output dataset when I use the predicted= and residual= keywords (in the output statement)? Anybody else encounter this? (just wondering if I'm missing anything)


proc surveyreg data=name NOMCAR;
strata ;
cluster ;
weight ;
domain ;
class ;
model var = vars / VADJUST=NONE solution deff;
format ;
output out=name predicted=Predicted residual=Residual;

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Re: proc surveyreg output statement

Please provide a log that would show the absence of duplicates before and their presence after.

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Re: proc surveyreg output statement

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Unfortunately the SAS log does not include the number of obs read from the input file, which has 19,759 cases (exactly half of what is in the output file).


NOTE: Writing HTML Body file: sashtml.htm

NOTE: All observations were omitted due to missing values or non-positive weights in domain

Subset=non-DSST sample.

NOTE: The data set MISSING.RESID2_1999_2002 has 39518 observations and 186 variables.

NOTE: PROCEDURE SURVEYREG used (Total process time):

real time 11.45 seconds

cpu time 1.93 seconds


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