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proc surveyreg output question

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proc surveyreg output question



Is there any way that I can create an output dataset that contains an adjusted R square (adjrsq) in Proc surveyreg?


I can do this in proc reg by setting,


proc reg data = dataset
outest = test_outputdataset



model outcome = adjusters / stb ;




A test_outputdataset contains a value of adjusted R square.   Can I so the same thing for Proc Surveyreg?


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Re: proc surveyreg output question

Include ADJRSQ as an option on your model statement, and then use ODS to get the fit statistics into a dataset.


ods output fitstatistics=fitstatistics;

proc surveyreg data=yourdata;


model depvar=indepvar1 indepvar2 <etc.>/ADJRSQ;



This ought to give you what you need.


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Re: proc surveyreg output question

You can use ODS OUTPUT tablename= yourdatasetname; to create data sets from values that appear in output tables.


The procedure documentation will show the various table names available or use ODS TRACE.

The likely table would be FitStatistics but you would need to have ADJRSQ on the model statement.


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